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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

6 Tips For Better Guitar Playing

By: John Philip

In this article I hope to demonstrate a few tips that will, with any luck, put you on the correct approach to developing into a proficient guitar player. If you can take into account that to play well involves a lot of practice and dedication then these tips will give you a head start. It takes arduous work and perseverance to the learn guitar and there is no fast and easy way, but some procedures are much more adept than others, resulting in quicker advancement. The main chief tip, though, is no matter what you do don't admit defeat
Set Aside Your Own Space
Distractions can play havoc with your concentration and focus, making any practise session worthless. Learning to play the guitar is hard enough so make it easier by finding a space where you can be alone without any outside noise or interruptions.
Ensuring that your guitar is tuned correctly is paramount at the beginning of any practise session. Preparation is essential to good guitar playing and it is imperative to make certain that your instrument is in good condition
Understand Your Instrument
Surprising, as it might seem, not all guitars are the same, every one has a different tone and sound. Learn to know and understand your guitar, what every part is called and its different function. Appreciate your instrument and, although it’s an inanimate object, learn to respect and care for it. Even though you might not appreciate it now it will make you a better and more experienced guitar player.
Recognise Your Level Of Expertise
Frustration can soon set in when, after a few weeks of practising and learning, you cant play the same tunes as Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page or any of your other guitar heroes. Realism has to kick in somewhere and the sooner the better. Learning to play the guitar is not an overnight thing. It takes time. Start with sensible goals, leave the advanced playing until later and progression will come with a growth in confidence. Show persistence at this point and you will reap the benefits later and it will be even more rewarding.
Pick Your Style
Being able to play a piece of music made famous by one of your favorite guitarists is an unbeatable sensation. When, and only when, you have completed the fundamentals and you are set to move on to something harder it’s time pick a style of music you like and can identify with. Most songs are generally accessible as sheet music from a variety of sources and it’s another level in your education. This is an exhilarating stage in your progress.
Set Goals
One of the best ways to focus you concentration on you progress is to set mini targets. Pick a time period for when you are going to play your first song in front of family and friends and let them know about it. This helps give a reason for your practise sessions and certainly grabs your attention the closer to the date of your debut performance. Once you have performed and enjoyed being in the spotlight it will give you a boost in confidence. It’s no surprise, but your playing will improve after.
Keep in mind, learning to play the guitar is a continual progression, but should always be fun, and if you continue to advance consistently there is no knowing how talented you can grow to be. With any luck, these tips will prove useful and you will have many years of playing satisfaction.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

D' Masiv - Di antara Kalian

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Listen Streaming Radio Dangdut Indo Online

Embed at musik-live.net


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Indonesian POP Mp3

Free Indo Flash Mp3 Player at musik-live.net

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Ahmad Dhani Dewa 19 'Bloggers are Stupid Man'

Talk about all the stupid things, That Bloggers are Stupid Man.
Who is the most stupid man on earth!?
  1. Bloggers ?
  2. Ahmad Dhani Dewa 19 ? more ...

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Create DVDs from AVI, MP4,FLV, 3GP, MPEG MOV videos

AoA DVD Creator provides you a handy tool to create or convert AVI, WMV/ASF, MP4, 3GP, MPEG/MPG, DAT,FLV and MOV into DVDs that you can watch in your home DVD player. With AoA DVD Creator, you can easily turn the vacation, wedding and family movies into DVDs that you can burn and share with your friends and family! Easily create DVDs in your own home! Drag and drop video files into the program, click "Start" and it's done! Why AoA DVD Creator: - Extremely easy to use. No Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary.- Various Video formats Support Supports Major video file formats, including AVI,MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), DAT, MPG, WMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP and MOV. - Video Clip Selection Easily cut out certain segments of a video clip. - Burn DVDs from DVD-Video folder on your hard drive - DVD Burner Support Supports DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW format discs. A DVD burner on your PC is required (Hardware). It also allows you to specify NTSC or PAL format, adjust 4:3 or 16:9 video aspect. - Rearrange videos Order as you want with the up and the down button. - Batch Collect Pick multiple video files at one time and adds them all to your DVD with drag-and-drop ease. source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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How to Play FLV files online and offline?

Refreshing experience of playing back FLV files with Moyea FLV PlayerWith Moyea FLV Player, you have the access to experiencing refreshing playback of FLV files online and offline!This tutorial is to illustrate on the highlights and application of Moyea FLV Player.Moyea FLV Player is currently the professional and popular application software for playing back and controlling single FLV files from your desktop as well as from the Internet.Moyea FLV Player can be used standalone, without the need of the Flash authoring tools or Flash development tools, allowing you to display and preview your FLV files in a more controlled way with ease and to a broader audience than with Quicktime, Windows Media and Real Media, etc.
Standard playback controls are included in Moyea FLV Player and the program can be optionally associated with FLV files, so you can just double-click the icon to open the FLV file from Windows Explorer easily than before.Moyea FLV Player1.
Click File> Open File, and you can import FLV files from your hard discs into the program for playback.2.
Click File> Open URL, and you can then follow the instructions to import FLV files cached temporarily somewhere on your computer into the program.1, Play URLs, streams and downloaded filesYou can play downloaded Flash video FLV files from you hard disks or you can import the target URL and play streaming Flash video online by using Open URL in the File. While playing one Flash video file, the name of that file will be displayed on the title bar of the Player for your convenient tracking.2, Display Flash video meta informationThe metadata of particular Flash videos are quite important for designers and developers to further process the target Flash video files. Moyea FLV Player offers you the access to the valid metadata of the FLV video file being played, including FLV version, playback duration, audio and video codec, video dimensions, framerate, etc.3, Always above other windowsWhen you open several windows in your PC while viewing your favorite FLV files in the FLV Player, you would from time to time shadow your FLV Player if you happen to activate other windows to search for something. Moyea FLV Player has the function to float over other windows all the time enabling you to watch your Flash video while you are surfing the Internet for something or working on some documents.4, Resizable windows plus zoom 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and full-screen mode
The feature of resizing your window allows you to play back your Flash video with any size you need or prefer. To be convenient, the program has preset the options of zoom 0.5x, 2x and the original video size for your shortcut, and it support the full-screen playback.5, Drag and drop to open FLV files without any Flash development environmentBy checking the drop-down item of Associate .flv File in the File of the tool bar, you can open FLV files from Windows Explorer more easily than before for playback with Moyea FLV Player by default.
You can double click the program to open Flash video by dragging and dropping your FLV files.6, FreewareMoyea FLV Player is a freeware, to which you don't have to pay, and on which you have limitless access to upgrading from Moyea Software. Meanwhile, Moyea FLV Player is guaranteed of no viruses, spyware or adware. source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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How to using FLV files on sites under IIS6?

While working on my daughter's web page and trying to make some flv files running on the site, i noticed that it did not work, at least not with IIS6.
After some googling i found out that is needed the flv MIME Type to be defined for the particular site.
Here are the steps tat need to be done:
1. open Properties for your site
2. open the "HTTP Headers" tab
3. click "MIME Types..." button
4. click "New..."
5. for Extension set ".flv"
6. for MIME type set "video/x-flv"
7. click "OK", again "OK" and... again "OK" :-)
source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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How to download and convert YouTube video to MPG/AVI in Ubuntu?

Every once in a while, you may come across some videos on YouTube-the popular free video sharing service. You may enjoy the videos more or less but sometimes, just sometimes, you come across a video you really need to have on your hard drive and to watch over and over again, every time you feel the need. Unfortunately, YouTube seems to discourage its users from downloading the videos. This can get rather annoying because you'll need to save a bookmark with the video url, load it in your browser every time you want to re-watch it, wait until it's loaded and so on. So why get through all this trouble, when you can easily download the file in Flash Video format (FLV), convert it into mpeg4 or xvid video with mp3 audio and watch it on your PC or even on your mobile phone?

However, the standard ffmpeg package is pretty useless since it doesn't offer support for mp3 so you'll have to go through a painful process first in order to encode your videos with mp3 audio. Before we start, your Ubuntu system needs to have the c compilers, patch tools and standard devel packages installed. It also needs to have multiverse and universe repositories enabled. And to make things easier, you'll need to have a password on the root account. As this is the easiest part, we'll start with it.

Open a terminal and type:


$ sudo passwd root

Enter a password and switch to the super user account by typing:


$ su -

You will now have a super user bash terminal (#). Copy the following command and paste it into the super user terminal to install the needed libraries:


# apt-get install quilt libsdl1.2-dev libogg-dev libvorbis-dev liba52-dev libdts-dev libimlib2-dev texi2html libraw1394-dev libdc1394-13-dev libtheora-dev libgsm1-dev liblame-dev libxvidcore4-dev libfaac-dev libfaad2-dev

Go to a build directory. Since you're logged in as root, use the default build directory:


# cd /usr/local/srcNow

get the ffmpeg source package:


# apt-get source ffmpegGet the patches for ffmpeg and apply them. Click HERE and save the file in /usr/local/src/:


# cd ffmpeg-0.cvs20060823

# bzcat ../ffmpeg-0.cvs20060823_enable_amr.patch.bz2 patch -p1

You should see something like:


root:/usr/local/src/ffmpeg-0.cvs20060823# bzcat ../ffmpeg-0.cvs20060823_enable_amr.patch.bz2 patch -p1

patching file debian/rules

patching file libavcodec/amr_float/decoder.c

patching file libavcodec/amr_float/encoder.c

patching file libavcodec/amr_float/interf_dec.c

patching file libavcodec/amr_float/interf_dec.h

patching file libavcodec/amr_float/interf_enc.c


Now build the deb packages:


# DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="risky" dpkg-buildpackage

Go back to the src directory and install the resulting deb packages:


# cd ..# dpkg -i ffmpeg_0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1_i386.deb libavcodec0d_0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1_i386.deb libavformat0d_0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1_i386.deb libpostproc0d_0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1_i386.deb

Open /etc/apt/preferences using your favorite text editor and add the following lines:


Package: ffmpeg Pin: version 0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1 Pin-Priority: 1001

Package: libavcodec0d Pin: version 0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1 Pin-Priority: 1001

Package: libavformat0d Pin: version 0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1 Pin-Priority: 1001

Package: libpostproc0d Pin: version 0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1 Pin-Priority: 1001

Get the youtube-dl script which allows you to download YouTube movies in flv format, to your hard drive.

Click HERE and download the youtube-dl script anywhere on your hard drive. Now, from the root termina, run these commands to make the script available for all users on the Ubuntu machine:


# cd /where/you/downloaded/the/script

# chmod +x youtube-dl

# mv youtube-dl /usr/local/bin

Download movies from YouTube by using the script:


$ youtube-dl youtube.http.address.while.viewing.video

The movie will be saved to something like I_KRmU2dO2M.flv

Finally, convert .FLV files into MPEG:


ffmpeg -i I_KRmU2dO2M.flv -ab 56 -ar 22050 -b 500 -s 320x240 video.mpg

Convert .FLV into XviD .AVI with MP3 Audio:


ffmpeg -i I_KRmU2dO2M.flv -ab 56 -ar 22050 -b 500 -s 320x240 -vcodec xvid -acodec mp3 video.avi

Enjoy! source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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Saving Flash Videos from YouTube in Opera 9

To save YouTube videos on your computer, try the following steps:
1) Go to C:\Program Files\Opera\profile\cache4 on the computer
2) Delete all the files in the folder (to make things easier)
3) Open Opera and go to YouTube
4) View the video in Opera
5) After the streaming has completed, go back to the Opera cache folder at C:\Program Files\Opera\profile\cache4. Note: Do not close the tab in which you viewed the YouTube video.
6) There should be a large tmp file in the folder
7) Copy and paste it to your desktop
8) Rename the extension to .flv
9) Download the free FLV Player from brothersoft.com
10) You can now play that flv file with the FLV Player
source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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What is Flash?

2006-04-19: similar to Java, Macromedia Flash is another technology that allows animations, interactive forms, games and other jazzed-up features to be embedded in web pages. Macromedia Flash Player is a well-known and trustworthy plug-in that users should feel comfortable installing.
In fact, Flash is the most commonly installed plug-in on the web, more common than QuickTime, RealPlayer or Java. The Flash plug-in can be found on Macromedia's web site.
Over the releases of new versions of Flash, Macromedia has made Flash more and more controllable via programming, where they have it positioned as a competitor to HTML to build interactive web sites and applications such as an e-commerce store.
Macromedia argues that Flash is the way to go instead of HTML because of the following reasons:
• Flash movies load faster and save on download time because Flash is vector based whereas HTML is not.
• Flash intelligently "caches" it's movies so they don't have to be reloaded. • Flash gives the user (the person viewing/using the Flash movie) a more responsive "rich-client" like experience.
All of these points are true, but they can be true for HTML pages as well (except for the vectors).
I will address these points now:Flash pages can be made to load faster, but most of the time, the way they are designed in the real world, they do not. That is not a Flash problem, it is more an issue of the Flash developers going nuts with fancy and heavy Flash movies.
HTML caches pages as well, once images are downloaded they are held in your browser's cache. The cached images are then used instead of dowloading them from the server again.
With new technology like ASP.net and Java Server Faces, HTML now can react just like a "rich-client" application. Even without these new tools, properly designed HTML for most dynamic sites can provide a good user experience.
What DO I have against Flash?Before I start trashing Flash, I have to first say that I think it is a great tool, but not in all things and certainly not in the all-encompassing way that Macromedia would suggest. Here's why:Flash handles text very poorly.
The web for the most part is about text, we go to the web to read about things, whether it be articles like this one, or what is in your shopping cart, or the latest baseball stats, it is all text.Flash text rendering/displaying is much slower than HTML and noticeably less clear. Macromedia knows this and that's why they include the ability to display basic HTML in Flash and that's why on their own site, they make heavy use of HTML.Flash development usually takes much longer than the HTML equivalent.
This has been helped to a great degree starting with the release of FLASH MX where they essential provided HTML form components, but it is still slower to create a Flash site than an HTML site.What I like about Flash development?
1. You can do some really nice work in Flash that would be difficult and sometimes impossible in HTML alone. Things like complex animations and playing video spring to mind.
2. Practically no browser issues: For the most part, Flash movies will work the same if the user is on Netscape or IE, on Mac or PC.
The browser issues (where people coming to your site have different browsers that can "break" your pages) are quickly becoming a thing of the past since most people (thank the web gods) are using IE. But even today, I still have to deal with people who may be using some old browser that can break all but the simplest of HTML code.
So when should you use Flash?In my humble opinion, I would use Flash to create a presentation that is similar to a television commercial. This type of presentation is something where the user sits back and enjoys the show as the Flash movie delivers the message to the client with animation, sound, and possibly video. Please do not get this confused with those ubiquitous "intro" animations that still plague many Flash sites. Rather I am talking about informative movies that the user can decide to view to learn about something like a product or a service.I can also see Flash being used in straight animations, like what your kids watch Saturday morning.
One last use where I find Flash handy, is with so called ��rich-ui' components like calendars or fancy navigational systems. The only danger here is that if the user doesn't have the proper Flash plug-in, they won't be able to use those components and as such in many cases (like with a Flash based navigation bar) the user will not be able to use your web site! Instead of Macromedia's vision, I see Flash being used selectively to enhance an HTML based site. source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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Introduction to Flash Video Encoder

The new Flash Video Encoder is a separate application that can significantly improve your Flash video production workflow by providing an easy way to convert video files into the Flash Video (FLV) format and can perform batch processing of video files.
With these new capabilities, Flash has developed into an excellent platform for delivering video and many other types of media. James Gonzalez lets you in on ways to encode video using this great new tool. The ability to include video inside a Flash SWF file was introduced with the release of Flash MX.
This video capability has opened up many new and exciting opportunities for Flash developers, and Macromedia has further upgraded Flash's video capabilities in the latest professional version of Flash. Flash 8 has more video importing and compression options, can now trim and edit video clips, apply color correction, and��most significantly��now ships with a new stand-alone video encoding tool.
This encoder is a separate application that can significantly improve your Flash video production workflow by providing an easy way to convert video files into the Flash Video (FLV) format. It also can perform batch processing of video files.With these new capabilities, Flash has developed into an excellent platform for delivering video and many other types of media. Flash has some compelling advantages for delivering video on the Internet:
• The Flash player is very common: about 95 percent of browsers have it installed. It has better browser penetration and provides more creative opportunities than any other video format.
• Flash files can include graphics, animation, video, audio, and interactive material. As of version 7, true streaming video is supported by Flash and anyone with the latest player can see Flash video clips.
• The playback of both video and audio in Flash is very consistent and reliable.
• Flash works equally well on PCs, Macs, and Linux computers.
• Flash provides excellent control over the way video will be displayed.
You can use standard playback controls or create your own media player with custom controls complete with supporting interactive content. FLV FLV is the preferred file format for delivering video clips via Flash. It is a specialized file format that has been supported from version 7. FLV files cannot be played back directly but must be embedded in (or linked from) an SWF file. You create (or download) a "container" SWF file from which to play the FLV file.
The most common approach is to use an SWF file that functions as a media player with screen and playback controls.This FLV file format lets you import or export a static video stream with encoded audio and is ideal for use with communications applications, such as video conferencing or for files that contain screen share encoded data exported from the Flash Communication Server.
source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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How to Extract Audio from FLV Video to MP3?

FLV (Flash Video) is a proprietary file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player 6, 7, 8, or 9.
The ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player has made it possible for the FLV you post on the Internet to reach wider audience.MP3 (MPEG Layer-3) is a digital audio compression algorithm that achieves a compression factor of about twelve while preserving the original sound quality.
It does this by optimizing the compression according to the range of sound that people can actually hear. MP3 is currently the most powerful algorithm in a series of audio encoding standards developed under the sponsorship of the MPEG organization and formalized by the ISO.MP3 files (filename extension ".mp3") can be downloaded from many World-Wide-Web sites and can be played back using software available for most operation systems, for example,
Winamp fro PC, MacAmp for Machintosh, and mpeg123 for Unix. PM3 files are usually downloaded completely before playing but streaming MP3 is also possible.
A program called a "ripper" can be used to copy a selection from a music CD on to your hard disk and another program called an "encode" can convert it to an MP3 file.
To extract audio from FLV video to MP3 with Moyea FLV to Video Converter
source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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YouTube FLV to AVI Suite Enterprise

YouTube FLV to AVI Suite Enterprise is a powerful, easiest and fastest FLV to AVI converter, YouTube, Google video, Myspace and a lot of other popular streaming video sites link grabber and power downloader application for grabbing, downloading and converting FLV to AVI movie and video with excellent output quality.
Avi files then can be played in Windows Media Player or other standard multimedia player. With integrated advanced MPEG4 encoder, it is faster than other FLV to AVI Converter software.Features:Support ALL types of FLV files including On2 vp6 video FLV, H.263,H.264 video FLV and audio FLVs.Support YouTube, Google video, Myspace and a lof of other popular streaming video sites link grabberIn Enterprise version added a lot of video sites (For children protection sites with adult content are disabled as default.
You can simple activate them with [CTRL key + left mouse click] anywhere in the form.)Support power downloader with enhanced download speed. Turbo Download ON switch is automatically set to optimal downloading speed.(Few videos could be downloaded from some servers without turbo mode.)
Power downloader supports multithread downloading (up to 10 times faster then other downloaders)Support check and test if video was successfully downloadedSupport download resumingEasy-to-use interfaceOutput profile is adjustable, you can compress movies to any size and quality you need source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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FLV Software

FLV is a "Flash Live Video" file. It is a format that is designed for web playback, offering high rates of compression. Several products output in FLV format, including Sorenson Squeeze (The term "movie" often refers to common Flash source files (.FLA) and deployed files (.SWF) and is not synonymous with "video").
The Flash Player browser plugin can play an FLV, but that FLV, must be either embedded in or linked to a SWF. That is, you can't just put the actual FLV on an HTML page.
You can however reference the FLV file using action script and SWFFlash Video (FLV) is a proprietary file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player (formerly known as Macromedia Flash Player) version 6, 7, 8, or 9.
Flash Video content may also be embedded within SWF files. Notable users of the Flash Video format include YouTube, Google Video, Reuters.com, Yahoo! Video and MySpace.
The BBC have recently begun using .flv based media on their news portal.Flash Video is viewable on most operating systems, via the widely available Adobe Flash Player and web browser plugin, or one of several third-party programs such as MPlayer, VLC media player, or any player which uses DirectShow filters (such as Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, and Windows Media Center) when the ffdshow filter is installed.
FLV is the preferred file format for delivering video clips via Flash. It is a specialized file format that has been supported from version 7.
FLV files cannot be played back directly but must be embedded in (or linked from) an SWF file. You create (or download) a "container" SWF file from which to play the FLV file. The most common approach is to use an SWF file that functions as a media player with screen and playback controls.
This FLV file format lets you import or export a static video stream with encoded audio and is ideal for use with communications applications, such as video conferencing or for files that contain screen share encoded data exported from the Flash Communication Server. source : http://www.brothersoft.com/

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Ungu is a verry successful Indonesia Band

Ungu is an Indonesian word for purple color. Ungu band is a very successful Indonesian band. Its members are Pasha (singer), Enda (guitarist), Onci (guitarist), Makki (bass), and Rowman (drummer). On December 19, 2006, there was a riot in their concert "Popcoholic with Ungu" in Widya Mandala Krida Stadium, Kedungwuni, Pekalongan that resulted in the death of ten people. 'Demi Waktu' has launched them into mainstream success in Malaysia around 2006. Ungu is arguably an important aspect of Indonesian teen culture. In 2005, Ungu made a collaborations with one of Indonesian's best singer, Chrisye. From Wikipedia.org
LAGUKU - Bar Productions/Hemaswara (Musica Group), 2002
1. Bayang Semu
2. Jika Itu Yang Terbaik
3. Bebas4. Embun Hati
5. Terang6. Sepi Gelisah
7. Jangan Siakan
8. Maafkanlah
9. Sirna10. Tiada Kata
11. Kisah
12. Laguku

TEMPAT TERINDAH - Bar Productions/Hemaswara (Musica Group), 2003

1. Antara Kita
2. Karena Dia Kamu
3. Hanya Cinta
4. Rasa Sayang
5. Suara Hati
6. Dia dan Dirimu
7. Semoga
8. Coba 'Tuk Temukan
9. Mengertilah
10. Dunia Menangis11. Cinta: Cintaku
12. Tempat Terindah
13. Suara Hati (Acoustic Version - only on CD format)

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Dangdut : Oma Irama, Elvie Sukaesih, Mansur S., Inul Daratista, Dewi Persik, Ike NurJanah,


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/Matta - Ketahuan,/ SHE - Slow Down Baby /, Bunga Citra Lestari - Ingkar/ , Dewi Dewi - Dokter Cinta/ , Mulan Jameelah - Mahluk Tuhan Paling Sexy /, Agnes Monica - Matahariku/ D' Masiv - Di antara Kalian/


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Ungu Colection

Andai Ku Tahu , Kekasih Gelapku , Demi Waktu, Sesungguhnya , Ikhlas, Disini Untukmu , Cinta Dalam Hati ,

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posted by Adzra Ramadhani at 6:06 AM