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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Welcome to our free music video collection. The music videos and song lyrics are hosted on Youtube and musik-live.net None of these free music videos are hosted on our servers. All of them are property of Youtube. All lyrics copyrighted by the actual owner, and provided for education use only.
List :

Indonesia POP Hits 2008 \ Ungu \D' Masiv \Agnes Monica \Mulan Jameelah \Broery

Indonesia Dangdut Mania\ Oma Irama \Elvi Sukaesih \DEWI Persik \Ike Nurjanah \Inul Daratista \Trio Macan

By Songs Title :

Indonesia POP Hits :/Di antara Kalian-D' Masiv/ /Matta - Ketahuan,/ SHE - Slow Down Baby /, Bunga Citra Lestari - Ingkar/ , Dewi Dewi - Dokter Cinta/ , Mulan Jameelah - Mahluk Tuhan Paling Sexy /, Agnes Monica - Matahariku/


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Playing/D Masiv - Diantara Kalian.Codes
Indo Music Code provided by musik-live.net


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